Most of the deliverables and outputs of this project are done under this approach: they must be adaptable, usable and easy to be replicated by other Spanish Regions. Although the way women resources are organised may differ among regions, the legal framework defines the same competences in the field of GBV for all of them. Moreover, the approach is mainly focused on developing professional and management competences and skills to satisfy woman’s individual needs. These are, indeed, common and shared interests not only of Spanish Regions but also of EU Member States where project’s results will be transferred too.

Specifically, the following issues have been considered to ensure a high degree of transferability:
– Activities and deliverables will be based on a professional approach and national and European best practices from projects and initiatives in which the RGM participated.
– They will deal with skills and competences linked to co-ordination and to a victim-centred response, according to the existing legal framework but without adopting a purely legalist perspective, in order to avoid difficulties to apply the results in other working environments.
– Generated knowledge in those activities that will not have a deliverable as a direct result, such as training seminars, will be compiled and collected in electronic documents to be consulted and replicated by other interested organisations.

Main documents available in English to foster the adoption and use of project’s outcomes are:

– Training resources for promoting local coordination.

– Guidelines to implement Local Conferences Against GBV.

– Guidelines for practitioners to implement a personalised plan of care.

These documents will be uploaded to this website.